My Life's Passion


Then and continuing

A deep love of art and realistic drawing began at age five after helping my artistic mother render portraits of my siblings. I received a scholarship to attend a liberal arts college where studio work included rigorous programs of classical instruction. My Junior year, I was awarded an independent study under the tutelage of Gardiner McCauley, head of the art college. It was a year that profoundly changed my creative approach to art. In particular, I was coached to keep my creativity authentic. My passion had been, and still is, in the style of realism. Layer upon layer and rendering meticulous detail are part of my soul. After graduating, I worked in my hometown of Chicago as a graphic designer and illustrator. Upon moving to Los Angeles in the early 90’s, I furthered my skills through advanced painting classes at UCLA. With my love of painting figures, my career as a portrait artist blossomed. Recently, I have been inspired to create paintings that combine realistic detail with a modern twist. These works include lone figures or forms amid simplified landscapes, enlarged depictions of animal eyes, and reflective scenes of secondhand collectables. My work is collected throughout the US and abroad.


"Living among and observing the rich and diverse California landscape has influenced the bright palette I use in my work. As a realist painter, there is an expressive emotion that I seek by exaggerating details that are invisible at a glance, yet on canvas they come together to create dynamic perspectives and contemplative scenes of reality."  
Christine O'Brien


Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1960
Residence: Los Angeles, California
Education: Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, BA
Chicago Academy of Art, Chicago, Illinois
UCLA, Westwood, California
UCLA, Santa Monica, California

American Women Artists, Associate with Distinction

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