My Life's Passion


My Life's Passion

I was a shy child that would past the time creating imaginary worlds through coloring and drawing. During my early teens, our family traveled often, and I loved to draw the new surroundings. I received a scholarship from a liberal arts college that offered a broad program of rigorous classical instruction. After an independent study in experimental drawing and painting, I discovered my passion for using vivid detail to compose realistic effects. In the early 90's, I began to paint exclusively in oils and worked as a commissioned portraiture artist. In addition to portrait work, living among expansive terrain is a constant inspiration to develop imagery of botanicals, landscape and beach scenes. In recent years, I have also been inspired to paint, simplistic, and on occasion, humorous depictions of collectibles that I find in the many resale shops in my area. These paintings are a series called the "Tchotchke Series."  From still life to nature, I create dynamic perspectives that play on size, form, and space. My work is collected throughout the US and abroad.



“My passion for creating work in the style of realism lies in detailing the specific beauty of abstractions in a form. This intricate styling of brushwork and interwoven colors within a dramatic spatial design bring to life dynamic perspectives and an emotional connection to the subject or scene."
Christine O'Brien (CAO)

Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Studio: Ventura County, California
Education: Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, BA
Chicago Academy of Art, Chicago, Illinois
UCLA, Westwood, California
UCLA, Santa Monica, California

American Women Artists, Associate with Distinction

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